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Why I'm eating my words on veganism – again ›

George Monbiot: Al Gore has gone vegan, a diet I was once sceptical about. Now I believe it is meat-eating that is more environmentally damaging

9 months ago on 11/27/13 at 05:48pm

That’s right! 

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10 months ago on 10/29/13 at 04:47pm

Veggie Lovers Meet Meat Lovers: Dating While Vegan ›

Love is (diet) blind: Writer Emily Ansara Banes opens up about dating while vegan.

1 year ago on 09/12/13 at 09:28pm


At a recent BBQ we hosted, a friend brought loads of figs and rosemary from her backyard. We used the rosemary sprigs as kebab sticks and threaded the whole fresh figs onto them. We put them on the BBQ until they were warm and just slightly charred. When we took them off and cut them in half, they were juicy and the rosemary had infused the fruit. You can slice them in half and drizzle them with olive oil and (Maldon) salt, or serve them alongside any entree. Delish!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

Gwyneth Paltrow's breakfast juices ›

'As energising as a cup of coffee': four delicious juice and smoothie recipes from the actor and foodie's book It's All Good

1 year ago on 09/06/13 at 01:39pm

Read this great article about one of my former KCL colleagues who has a hen hotel. Cleverly dubbed Fowlty Towers, Julie’s luxury and all-inclusive resort offers ‘round the cluck service and space for each feathered guest to roam free. It seems there is a trend for families owning chickens, backed by stars like Jamie Oliver who promote healthy, local eating. 

1 year ago on 09/05/13 at 12:15pm

This contamination, and worse, the cover-up, is absolutely devastating. PLEASE READ this article. No, it’s not coming from the most credible news source but it does provide published evidence for the little that is known about the impact of radiation on sea life and ultimately human lives. 

1 year ago on 09/04/13 at 10:20pm

An Aussie advertising agency created food flags to promote the Sydney International Food Festival, representing foods from that country. And look at some of the vegan flags! 

1 year ago on 08/30/13 at 10:00am

These maps are fascinating! 40 Maps That Will Help You make Sense of The World depicts economic, sociocultural, development, and health indicators that vary across the globe.

Above are a few of my favourites: visualising population density; the only 22 countries in the world that Britain has NOT invaded; map of where 29,000 rubber duckies landed after falling off a cargo ship in the Pacific; and paid maternity leave. 

1 year ago on 08/29/13 at 07:38am

The Men Who Want AIDS—and How It Improved Their Lives - Page 2 ›

A devastating account of what lengths young people will go to in order to access critical services such as healthcare and housing in NYC. Services have increasingly seen young people purposefully contracting AIDS, and further maintaining unhealthy T-cell counts, so as to receive benefits. 

1 year ago on 08/28/13 at 10:00pm

Perfect Summer Rolls, you say? The article is good, with some useful tips, but I would also add: nix all meat and opt for lightly fried tofu, shred the carrot and mix with salt, let the water drain for 10 minutes, add mango, thai basil + coriander + mint is the perfect herb combo, and ALWAYS serve with spicy peanut sauce. 

1 year ago on 08/15/13 at 10:19pm

5 Tips for Traveling As a Vegan