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Have you ever stumbled upon these wonderful illustrated travel guides by Herb Lester? I am fascinated by “the look of London,” “how to find old LA” and “a Manhattan bar for all reasons,” just to name a few! They truly seem to capture the extraordinary and the day-to-day that make each city unique. 

But what struck me, and I think is the MOST perfect gift for a travelling soul, is membership to the Wanderers Society. Complete with the next 12 guides delivered to the globetrotters door, 15% off purchases, notebook & postcards, and tips for travel. This would be such a treat to receive in the post, I love the idea! 

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5 Tips for Traveling As a Vegan

or maybe twice. or more.

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Major fire closes Nairobi airport ›

Thinking of all my friends in Nairobi after a massive fire has devastated the airport, causing indefinitely closure of the thoroughfare to East Africa’s largest financial hub.

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Off to Morocco today!  After years of day dreaming and months of planning the day has finally come to explore this incredible country.  

Not only will we be spending five days in Marrakech including a Friday evening at Djemaa el Fna Square, visit to a hammam (full treatment!), stay in the Medina, getting lost in the souqs and tanneries, and a full-day cooking course including a trip to the spices and fresh produce markets, but we will also have the pleasure of visiting many other stunning treasures the country has to offer:

  • Stay in a berber village and visit the renowned Kasbah in Ait Ben Haddou and Ouarzazate
  • Jeep safari and camel trek in the Sahara
  • A visit to the High Atlas Mountains
  • Atlantic respite in the coastal towns of Agadir and Essaouira, including a scenic drive up the coast

Bursting at the seams in excitement!

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Marseille, France (by mcveja)

On my way and ready for family time in Provence!

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"Paris is always a good idea" - Audrey Hepburn, Sabrina

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Multnomah Falls in Oregon 

Awww reminding me of a beautiful day spent with a dear friend, visiting these falls and hiking near Portland!  

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Delicious vegan lunch at RawRaw in Vilnius! 

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So much travel daydreaming as I’ve just found the Airbnb “Wishlist” for Private Islands!

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Photographer’s girlfriend leads him around the world

so amazing i don’t even know what to do

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BOOKED Vilnius, Lithuania in March!  By then I hope a bit of the freeze is gone but I imagine it will still be a crisp weekend. 

WikiTravel says:

Outside the Cathedral, in the square, look for a particular tile on which there is written a word “Stebuklas” (means “miracle” in Lithuanian). Stand on it, make a wish and turn around three times. Your wish should come true :) This tile also marks the end of the Vilnius-Tallinn human chain in the 1989 protest of the Soviet Union.